Fractures I 

Bronze sculpture with ferric and black patinas, 

on walnut wood rest

egg sized.

Fractures II

Bronze sculpture with silver and black patina,

on walnut wood rest

Egg sized

MRI Dementia

Oil on paper and wood

24" x 18"

MRI Plaques

Acrylic,  transferred image on paper, on wood

32" x 24" 

MRI Tangles

Oil on glossy digital print mounted

on wood

32" x 24"

detail of MRI tangles

Time and Use

4 Bronze cast screwdrivers, varied patinas

on wall mounted wood (maple and beech) holder

General dimensions: 9 1/2” x 11 ¼” x 3 ¼”

This is Life - diptych

Bronze sculpture, and 3D print, both with freely rotating but captured sphericals.

on acrylic platform

Bronze piece 5.2" diameter , black piece is 3.1" diameter

Fractures Series continued

Fractures IV to VI

Bronze Sculptures with varied patinas

on cedar wood rests

Egg sized


metal leaf, oil, acrylic on recovered wood

6.5" x 8" x 5/8" with 3/4" standoff from wall

Broken (Carnations)

Oil on canvas

29" x 48" footprint

Memory Diptych I - Long Beach

Oil, sand, ash on canvas

30" x 24" x 3/4"

Memory Diptych II - Avenue des Pins

Oil, sand, ash, brick, wax on canvas

30" x 24" x 3/4"


detail of Memory Diptych II

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