Spinning through Life is a developing series of works, continuing with the ideas of impermanence and the moment. 

When I am talking about spinning, I am talking about time, about lifespans, and about the time we experience, and about the impacts of our actions.

This is a series of portraiture spinning tops; I use a motif of person as top. Mostly the works are self portraits, based on my facial profile. 

In motion, the tops represent the journey of our brief existence and relationships as we spin through life, space and the cosmos.

video still of work in motion

Self portrait 

Bronze sculpture

20 inches tall

Bronze cast large top resting in stand, where it can spin. Stand: Wood, bearings, oil glazes. 

Traces - with 9 inch iron top 

3 Self-portrait tops in stand

9 inches tall each

Cast aluminum, 3D print, cast iron, respectively

Traces of 9 inch self portrait iron top - as of April 6 2019 -

on suspended spinning concave platform

platform dish is 33 inch diameter stainless steel

Top in action (9 inch PLA)

Family portrait in action

approx 2 inches tall each

3D resin prints

Self-portrait top, in motion

4.5 inches tall

3D print

Self-portrait top, in motion

4.5 inches tall

Turned wood (ash)

video still of wood self-portrait top, in motion

on suspended spinning concave mirror

mirror is 15.7 inch diameter glass 

Self-portrait top, in motion

9 inches tall

Bronze sculpture

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